About Edukate

Edukate is a financial benefits platform that creates a confident, productive and engaged workforce by empowering employees with personalized financial benefits and guidance.

Edukate is a scalable solution built for any size company. We integrate seamlessly with existing benefit providers and other 3rd party solutions to provide a customized benefits solution. Rewarding employees through achievements, contests, and surveys help drive employee engagement success.

Edukate is the one-stop destination for employee benefits. Our platform provides guidance for challenges your employees face every day while connecting them with the right benefits that matter to them most.

Why Edukate?

Employee benefits can be challenging. Most programs are accessible on a separate platform making them hard to track and even harder to manage. We believe that employee benefits should be both easy to use and administer.

To solve this, Edukate has created an employee benefits platform that can be launched in a matter of days.

Who is Edukate for?

We’re for employers who want to take a smarter approach to employee benefits. Every employee journey is unique and Edukate provides personalized guidance and resources.

If you’re looking to improve your current benefit offerings to better meet your employees’ needs, we’ve got you covered.

How is Edukate different?

Crowding employees into a conference room every a year to listen to an advisor isn’t moving the needle on employee financial wellness. A great financial benefits program is the one that a workforce will engage with - and creating true engagement is what we do best.

Why work with us?

At Edukate, we empower employees to practice confident decision making to best use the benefits that matter to them most. We do so by focusing on the following values:

  • Growth Minded

    We have a love of learning and we put that passion into our work for the benefit of helping our clients.

  • Authentic

    We believe in being transparent and having honest conversations to solve problems in an ever-changing industry.

  • Empowering

    We know that providing the right, personalized tools and information to our users makes for a more engaged and financially confident employee.

  • Pioneering

    We consistently ask "what if?," which helps us to push the envelope on improving our product and service.

  • Playful

    We're not afraid to have some fun and revel in our work.

Our Leadership Team

  • Chris Whitlow
    CEO & Founder

    Chris’ mission is to give every person access to expert financial guidance and resources.

  • Jackie Booth, Ph.D.
    Director of Content

    Using her years of experience with NEFE, Jackie strives to help people achieve their financial wellness goals.

  • Donna Mackenzie
    CFO, Interim

    Donna brings to Edukate a blend of extensive financial, operational, and customer-relationship management skills.

  • Mark Krupinski
    Director of Growth

    Mark has a proven track record in marketing and communication for both startups and established EdTech businesses. 

  • Edukate integrates with your current employer benefits provider.

  • Most of our programs can be rolled out in less than 30 days.

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