Quarterly Wellness: Top 3 Engagement Tips

It’s important to revisit your wellness programs every few months to keep them effective. Below are three things you should do for quarterly wellness efforts.

Talk to Employees

Employee engagement surveys are a great way to get a pulse for how a program is performing.

Use them to find out how employees feel about their benefits and how well they understand them.

Financial wellness benefits like Edukate have employee surveys built in. They ask employees how they feel about their personal finances and how they want to improve.

Engage Employees

At least once per quarter, you should engage employees with their benefits. Engagement should have cultural relevance or reflect things going on around the office.

For example, the end of the first quarter is a great time to engage employees around tax preparation. Taxes are due in April and tax documents are often mailed in January or February.

By giving employees relevant tips and resources, they’re more likely to use a benefit.

Check out our guide to engaging your employees with zero budget if you need inspiration.

Document Updates

Finally, it’s important to to keep your documents up to date for some financial benefits.

You should also review and update your internal documents for quarterly wellness Include dates of wellness contests or upcoming seminars from benefits consultants.

Additionally, check with your providers to see if there are updates you need to tell employees about. That could include changes to coverage or information about rewards programs.

Revisiting your wellness program is as important as rolling it out. Basic maintenance every quarter keeps employees engaged and maximizes your benefits.


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