Student Loan Benefits with Gradifi Partnership

Student carrying a backpack worried about student loans.

In 2018, over half of American businesses offered financial wellness. Unfortunately, only 35% of employees actually use it. Today, Edukate is partnering with Gradifi to bridge that gap by offering student loan benefits.

Often, employees don’t use their benefits because they don’t help in the areas they need most. Student loans affect millions of Americans. A student loan benefit like Gradifi can help them tackle them and feel more confident.

Partnering with Gradifi

Gradifi is a student loan benefit. It lets employers contribute to their employees’ student loans. They also give student loan saving and pay off tips to employees.

Employees who receive student loan help pay them off 30% faster.

Additionally, employees can save $15,000 or more for their child’s tuition with Gradifi’s SaveUp plan.

More than a quarter of Edukate’s users engage with student loan content. That’s why partnering with Gradifi made perfect sense.

Image courtesy of Gradifi.com

Gradifi’s features are available directly in Edukate. They’re shown next to content as employees learn.

This means you can offer guidance to employees who need it most.

How Gradifi Works

Just like a 401k, Gradifi will be available on the dashboard. Employees can easily check progress and make contributions.

This partnership with Gradifi helps employees feel more confident about their loans.

Additional Benefits

Soon, Edukate will have more integrated benefits. Similarly, these benefits help employees get the guidance and tools they need.

To learn more about Gradifi’s tools, visit Gradifi.com.

Finally, if you would like to offer Gradifi, contact us at sales@edukate.com


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