1. HR Professionals Need Digital Marketing Skills

    Human resources professionals today need to know how to use digital marketing to do their jobs well. With the way technology is always changing, it’s more important than ever for HR professionals to be able to come up with and implement effective communication strategies that let employees know about and promote voluntary benefits. Voluntary benefits…

  2. How to Measure Employee Engagement

    Employee engagement is a complex topic due to the numerous factors that influence it. One of the most important questions is how to measure employee engagement. Employee engagement is more difficult to measure than other things because it is a combination of motivation, happiness, satisfaction, and commitment. A good employee engagement report will contain a…

  3. How to Help Employees Succeed In and Out of the Office

    Now, more than ever, it is important to realize the many things that companies can do and provide to help employees succeed in and out of the office.

  4. Easier Plan Organization with New Upload Tool

    Edukate is bringing big changes to our employee census upload tool. For administrators, the census uploader lets them add or remove employees from Edukate.