1. Helping Your Employees Build an Emergency Fund

    Building a healthy emergency fund is one of the first steps towards financial wellness. Experts often recommend starting with $1,000 to cover life’s most basic emergencies.  Unfortunately, we know that many employees are stress about their personal finances. Many aren’t saving for retirement, let alone saving for an emergency.  To help, we compiled some tips…

  2. 5 Ways Technology Can Help Manage Your Finances

    We are living in a world that is becoming more digitally advanced each day, causing us to rely more heavily on technology to provide immediate answers and solutions.

  3. 6 ways to increase benefits engagement with no budget

    Businesses of all sizes can benefit from engaging their employees in their wellness benefits offerings. Engaged employees have increased productivity, lower healthcare costs, and better overall job satisfaction. Unfortunately, wellness rollout plans can be pricey. Below, we take a look at ways to increase benefits engagement without breaking the bank. Increase awareness of benefits Only 41%…