1. Credit Card Debt in 2022

    Americans are dealing with higher prices by using their credit cards. This is because inflation is going up, the stock market is falling, and there are still many logistical problems around the world. When you add this to the fact that interest rates are going up, you have a recipe for trouble in the future….

  2. How to Help Employees Succeed In and Out of the Office

    Now, more than ever, it is important to realize the many things that companies can do and provide to help employees succeed in and out of the office.

  3. Are Americans Ready for Another Recession?

    Millions of Americans aren’t ready for the next recession or economic slowdown. This vulnerability became apparent when millions of federal workers were forced to go without a paycheck back in January. The Underlying Crisis More than three quarters of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. That means many families aren’t able to cover all of their…

  4. Millennial Financial Expectations and Reality at Odds

    Millennials are overestimating their retirement readiness. They’re not using traditional financial milestones either. Owning a home and having children are no longer metrics of success. More millennials than ever believe their finances will work themselves out. Millennials continue favor their own happiness over traditional financial pressures and metrics. Early Retirement Many millennials believe that they’ll…