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  1. Edukate’s New Content Management System (CMS)

    At the core of Edukate is a robust educational platform. We’re rolling out a new CMS that’s designed to meet the needs of employees no matter where they are in their financial journey. But as Edukate has grown, we realized the need to create a more unified learning experience. Today, we’re pleased to unveil our…

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  2. Edukate Content Refresh Coming Soon

    Edukate’s content library is undergoing some big changes! Previously, our content library used curated content. We compiled the latest and greatest resources on a variety of financial topics. We’ve included resources we thought would make the biggest impact. They’re sourced from trusted experts to leading industry voices. Over time, we learned more about our users’…

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  3. Rolling Out Edukate Timeline

    Hundreds of hot air balloons flying in the sky.

    We know you’re busy. That’s why we made Edukate one of the easiest elective benefits to roll out to employees. In fact, most Edukate plans are implemented in less than 30 days . The actual account creation takes just a few minutes. Always the Right Time We all know that open enrollment comes once a year . But…

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  4. Updated Assessments for Deeper Insights

    Green screenshot of Edukate onboarding assessment

    Today, we’re excited to reveal a big update to our user assessments. They now give more insight into employees’ financial lives. For many users, their first experience with our platform is the new user assessment. It helps them find their footing. The questions measure financial confidence and stress. Then, we create a plan for each…

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  5. Student Loan Benefits with Gradifi Partnership

    Student carrying a backpack worried about student loans.

    In 2018, over half of American businesses offered financial wellness. Unfortunately, only 35% of employees actually use it. Today, Edukate is partnering with Gradifi to bridge that gap by offering student loan benefits. Often, employees don’t use their benefits because they don’t help in the areas they need most. Student loans affect millions of Americans….

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  6. How we designed Edukate’s new logo

    Edukate engagement cartoon about how Edukate scales and integrates with other benefits.

    Last week, we unveiled a whole new Edukate. With a new website and brand, our logo also changed. We wanted to explain how we designed Edukate’s new logo! Edukate began as a financial wellness company. We provided educational resources to employees to help them make smarter decisions with their money. With that came a logo…

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  7. Edukate’s New Brand Story

    Orange overlay over a person typing with an Edukate logo embedded beneath.

    Edukate began in 2013 as a member of Orlando’s first technology incubator, Starter Studio. Since then, we’ve changed considerably! Here’s the story of the new Edukate brand. We built Edukate with a belief that traditional retirement and financial education were broken. We knew there were better ways to help employees achieve their financial goals. Embracing…

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