Financial Wellness

  1. Why Your Employees Need Financial Literacy

    Financial literacy means being able to understand and use information about money. Financial literacy is important for today’s consumers because they need to be able to make smart choices about their money. Employees who are financially literate are able to make better decisions about their own finances and the company’s finances. Financial Literacy and Consumers…

  2. What We’ve Learned About Financial Wellness

    When I first joined Edukate in 2017, the term “financial wellness” was a novel concept that many of us struggled to define. Financial wellness is now widely accepted as a state of being in which you have control over your current and future financial circumstances. This includes everything from having an emergency fund to planning…

  3. Financial Flexibility Isn’t True Wellness

    The best way to help employees feel less stressed is to help them feel more financially confident. But recently, financial flexibility has taken the place of true wellness.

  4. Helping Your Employees Build an Emergency Fund

    Building a healthy emergency fund is one of the first steps towards financial wellness. Experts often recommend starting with $1,000 to cover life’s most basic emergencies.  Unfortunately, we know that many employees are stress about their personal finances. Many aren’t saving for retirement, let alone saving for an emergency.  To help, we compiled some tips…

  5. New Business Investments and Your Financial Health

    When considering a purchase for your business, make smart business investments, reduce financial stress, and keep your financial health in check.

  6. 2020 Financial Wellness Outlook: Guidance and Bite-Sized Wellness

    As 2020 gets started, financial wellness programs are continuing to shift. They’re no longer only offering education-based financial wellness.