1. FitSmallBusiness | Top 27 Money Management Tips from the Pros

    Learning important money management skills will help you attain a financially stable future and prevent certain financial distress. Saving for retirement, minimizing debts, and creating a realistic budget are a few of the essential skills you need to master.

  2. HR Daily Advisor | 5 Key Benefits Trends for 2019

    When predicting benefits trends for 2019, it seems like technological solutions will be a major player in the new year. HR managers will be utilizing deep data insights into how employees use their existing benefits to create the most robust benefits package in order to attract and retain talent.

  3. Financial Wellness Popularity Grows Through 2024

    Financial wellness popularity continues to grow 2019. In a new report, that isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Opting for Financial Wellness The report outlines the next next five years for financial wellness. It found that employers will almost all offer financial wellness programs. That includes budgeting and plans to help with debt. So far, 30%…

  4. Keeping and Finding Talent in a Tight Job Market

    Recent labor report shows that unemployment rates are at the lowest they’ve been in almost fifty years. This makes keeping talent even harder. Economists believe we are at full employment. The national average unemployment rate is 3.6%. But because the job market is tight, employers need to get creative with how they find and keep good…

  5. Empower Employees with Financial Wellness

    Financial wellness is one of the most sought-after employee benefits. In this episode of “Innovation Conversations with NFP”, we speak with Chris Whitlow, CEO and Founder of Edukate. Learn about Edukate’s comprehensive financial wellness offering to employers and how you can put this to work to empower employees!