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  1. Financial Wellness Isn’t Just for Open Enrollment

    Open office plan. Chairs and employees scattered throughout.

    Open enrollment isn’t the only time that you can make an impact with financial wellness. For platforms like Edukate, rollout doesn’t have to happen during open enrollment. In fact, most plans roll out outside of open enrollment. Data Handling Edukate doesn’t collect personal or sensitive data from employees. As a result, we avoid the headaches…

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  2. Open Enrollment Enrollment Checklist and Tips

    Post it notes stuck to a bulletin board with ideas for open enrollment.

    Open enrollment is only a few weeks long. But it can often feel like it lasts most of the year! We’ve put together a checklist and strategy for you to make the most out of open enrollment. [ ] Plan Ahead Give yourself at least 2 months of lead-time before open enrollment begins to get ready….

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  3. Open Enrollment Mistakes to Avoid This Year

    Woman working at a desk.

    While preparing for open enrollment, it’s often easy to overlook key points. Below are some common mistakes you should avoid when getting ready for open enrollment. Communication Breakdown Communication is the key to success in every open enrollment campaign. But some employers still leave gaps in their communication mix. Make sure your benefits communications are…

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  4. How to Handle Last-minute Benefit Adds

    One employee explaining to a coworker a relevant point.

    Open enrollment is just around the corner. While it may feel like you’re running out of time, it’s not too late for last minute benefits! Talking to Your Advisor The first place to start with a last-minute benefits adds is to talk to your advisor. Your plan advisor will be able to guide you through the…

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  5. The 21 Best Open Enrollment Resources

    Women smiling with a cell phone.

    We’ve compiled a list of our favorite checklists, marketing strategies, and open enrollment resources to use this year. Open Enrollment Marketing SHRM: 8 Best Practices for Open Enrollment Communication Macdonald Consults: 5 Best Practices for Your Most Successful Open Enrollment Yet Jellyvision: Designing an Open Enrollment Marketing Plan Jellyvision: Creating Open Enrollment Messaging That Sticks…

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  6. Open Enrollment Communication Channels

    Lots of employees in a conference room looking at a whiteboard in the distance.

    Instead of email blasts or meetings for open enrollment, reconsider how you communicate. Help employees get access to the information they need in the right communication channels. Company Intranet For employees, it’s easy to be blinded by all of the emails that come during open enrollment. Instead of only sending info via email, create a…

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  7. Open Enrollment Campaign Messaging Tips

    Employee at a coffee shop working at a cash register

    Open enrollment can be tough to get employees to engage. Frequent messages make it hard to know what to pay attention to. Below, we’ve got some creative tips to help you make your messages more effective for open enrollment. Start with Why The single biggest change you can make to your open enrollment messaging is to…

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  8. Better Open Enrollment Emails Pop with These 5 Tools

    Person drinking tea and working on a laptop on a granite countertop.

    Email is still the dominant communication medium for employers and marketers alike. During open enrollment, you’ll likely be sending a lot of emails to your employees. This year, instead of sending the same memos and reminders that are likely archived before they’re even read, spice up your campaigns with these free tools. Really Good Emails If…

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  9. Using Video to Boost Your Open Enrollment Campaigns

    overhead lights in a photography studio

    Video is king. Even social networks and news outlets have prioritized video over text and photography alone. Because it’s easier to consume and is more engaging, video can be an important part of your open enrollment efforts. overall. Video Types Because video is so versatile, you should focus on a few key areas when you’re…

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