Personal Finance

  1. What to Focus on During the Holiday Season

    This holiday season, don’t let yourself get too stressed out. This is the time of year when we tend to spend more money than normal and make important decisions resulting in the end of a year. Many people call this the season of ‘joy’ when in reality, many of us are stressed out, worried, and…

  2. Why Your Employees Need Financial Literacy

    Financial literacy means being able to understand and use information about money. Financial literacy is important for today’s consumers because they need to be able to make smart choices about their money. Employees who are financially literate are able to make better decisions about their own finances and the company’s finances. Financial Literacy and Consumers…

  3. Credit Card Debt in 2022

    Americans are dealing with higher prices by using their credit cards. This is because inflation is going up, the stock market is falling, and there are still many logistical problems around the world. When you add this to the fact that interest rates are going up, you have a recipe for trouble in the future….

  4. Helping Your Employees Build an Emergency Fund

    Building a healthy emergency fund is one of the first steps towards financial wellness. Experts often recommend starting with $1,000 to cover life’s most basic emergencies.  Unfortunately, we know that many employees are stress about their personal finances. Many aren’t saving for retirement, let alone saving for an emergency.  To help, we compiled some tips…

  5. Guiding Your Employees Through a Turbulent Stock Market

    Over the last few days, the stock market has been up and down. Huge selloffs late last week sent the stock market plummeting. Then, stocks rebounded rapidly early this week.

  6. What’s the Difference Between a Bank and a Credit Union?

    Before you decide on where to do your banking, it’s important to understand the differences between a credit union and a traditional bank. Both types of financial institutions typically offer many of the same products and services — however, each uses a different business model.