Open Enrollment Communication Channels

Lots of employees in a conference room looking at a whiteboard in the distance.

Instead of email blasts or meetings for open enrollment, reconsider how you communicate. Help employees get access to the information they need in the right communication channels.

Company Intranet

For employees, it’s easy to be blinded by all of the emails that come during open enrollment.

Instead of only sending info via email, create a company intranet. Employees can then reference it whenever they want.

When you talk to employees, mention the intranet as a searchable resource. An intranet can also work as an archive for benefit documents in the future.

Live Streaming Updates

Live-streaming your benefits presentations for can be equally beneficial.

If you have remote employees or satellite offices, a live presentation may make sense. A webinar of open enrollment updates can let employees join no matter where they are.

Your live-stream can also be archived in your company’s intranet later on.

Concise Communications

Open enrollment comes with a lot of challenges for employees. Namely digesting the many communications they receive.

When crafting communications, make them concise. Short communications are the most effective way to share important info.

Get straight to the point so employees can easily understand information.

If you need to make multiple points, separate them into different emails. Packing too much into one email can lead to points getting lost.

Keep the Human Touch

Although digital communications are the easiest, they can lose the human touch. Try to keep the human touch in your open enrollment communication methods.

As you send out your open enrollment campaigns, offer to still host in-person meetings. Answering questions one on one is still valuable.

Being able to answer employees’ questions leading up to open enrollment can lead to boosts in enrollment and engagement rates.

An effective communication strategy includes a mix of communication mediums and types. As your open enrollment campaign rolls out, try to distribute your communications via multiple channels.

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