Financial Wellness Popularity Grows Through 2024

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Financial wellness popularity continues to grow 2019. In a new report, that isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Opting for Financial Wellness

The report outlines the next next five years for financial wellness. It found that employers will almost all offer financial wellness programs. That includes budgeting and plans to help with debt.

So far, 30% of employers offer some form of one-to-one financial planning. Those who do found that offering financial wellness is key to finding top talent.

Digital Tools

For large companies, there’s going to be an increase in digital tools.

Employees using smartphones to check their personal finances.

Making tools more available makes guidance easier. Digital tools are always-on. As a result, employees can get financial guidance even when they’re not in the office. They can even work with other wellness programs.

These trends mirror how millennials are already think about money. Millennials use budgeting apps and digital banking tools more than older employees.

Education and Financial Wellness

Above all, many new programs are offering education. Helping employees navigate their investment strategy and debt management is key.

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By helping employees make better choices, they can feel more confident. This confidence leads to better decision making.

As the popularity of financial wellness grows, more employers help their employees succeed.

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