Edukate’s New Content Management System (CMS)

At the core of Edukate is a robust educational platform. We’re rolling out a new CMS that’s designed to meet the needs of employees no matter where they are in their financial journey.

But as Edukate has grown, we realized the need to create a more unified learning experience.

Today, we’re pleased to unveil our brand new and reimagined content management system (CMS).

Better Search Functionality

Better Search Functionality

The first major change you’ll see in the CMS is that we’ve made it easier to find relevant content.

Before, searches needed to specific to find exactly the information you needed.

Now, with a revamped algorithm, our CMS can make even smarter recommendations.

New Content for Everyone

Plenty of New Content

Next, we’re also ramping up our content production.

Alongside our curated content, we’re adding our own videos, articles, podcasts, and PDFs. From student loan help to budgeting, we left no stone unturned.

Additionally, our new CMS will allow our team to continually update content. As we learn more about users’ financial concerns, we can update our content.

Related Content and Guided Learning

Related Content and Guided Learning

Originally, we directed users’ attention to one learning module at a time.

With this update, we linked content together to make it easier to take deep dives into learning.

You can now click through related content as you’re learning. If you’re learning about student loans, you can jump over to content on debt planning.

Our content platform remains a key part of our mission. We want to connect employees with the benefits and education that matter most.

Be on the lookout! Even more content and updates are coming in the next few months.


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