Financial Wellness Isn’t Just for Open Enrollment

Open office plan. Chairs and employees scattered throughout.

Open enrollment isn’t the only time that you can make an impact with financial wellness.

For platforms like Edukate, rollout doesn’t have to happen during open enrollment. In fact, most plans roll out outside of open enrollment.

Laptop with a solid red desktop background.

Data Handling

Edukate doesn’t collect personal or sensitive data from employees.

As a result, we avoid the headaches of open enrollment and financial wellness because we handle data differently.

Then, we anonymize employee names and email addresses.

This means employers don’t ever have to share sensitive employee information.

Speedy Roll Out

Edukate plans roll out in less than 30 days and we automate on-boarding.

Invitations and engaging content get delivered automatically.

In most cases, the setup process just takes a few minutes to complete. Enter some basic details about your organization and we’ll automatically connect to your other benefits solutions like retirement plans.

Blurry photo of an employee desktop.

Continually Adapting

Finally, Edukate is always learning about employee’s goals. That means we can customize the plan to meet their needs.

We’re able to deliver the best financial guidance year round by going beyond open enrollment.

Think outside the box this year.

Visit edukate.com/easy to see how easy an Edukate plan is to implement.


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