Have You Talked to Your Broker About Financial Wellness?

Two employees sitting at a conference table in a meeting.

Almost every business has a financial wellness program in place. If you’d like to introduce it to your employees, you should talk with your broker.

While these programs are a great first step, they’re likely not cutting it. Engagement and meeting employees’ actual financial needs are missing.

Even though open enrollment is in full swing, it isn’t too late to talk to your broker about ways to amplify your efforts.

When you’re talking to your broker about financial wellness, keep these things in mind:

On-boarding New Employees

When you’re choosing a solution, focus on the ease of on-boarding new employees.

When your team grows, it should be easy to get them enrolled in benefits.

Strong financial wellness programs onboard employees automatically and engage throughout the year.

Edukate plans roll out in less than 30 days. We also make on-boarding new employees a breeze by automating the process.

Professional employees in suits looking at spreadsheets on a conference table.

Customized Benefits

Financial wellness programs have gotten smarter. Not only are they easier to implement, but they’re also adapting to employees in real time.

Employees with student loan debt should get different guidance than those buying their first home. When you talk to your broker, find financial wellness that grows with your employees.

Edukate sends out automated engagement emails and suggestions of benefits throughout the year.

Shaking hands in an office.

Staying Secure

Finally, many of the headaches of new benefits come from securing data.

When you talk to your broker about a new financial wellness program, make sure that employees’ information is safe and secure.

At Edukate, we don’t need employee data to roll out. In fact, we anonymize employee data. We only need employees’ names and email addresses to get started. Sensitive information is never collected.

You can talk to your broker about financial wellness at any time. Edukate rolls out even outside of open enrollment.

To see how easy it can be to bring financial wellness to your organization or boost your existing programs, visit edukate.com/easy


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