How to Better Engage Your Employees in 2018

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To start 2018 on the right foot, we compiled some of our favorite blog posts and pieces of advice from last year to help you better engage your employees. Whether you’d like to get a better idea of how well your benefit programs are performing or increase retention rates, we’ve got you covered.

See how much financial stress is costing your business

Unemployment rates are at record lows, but employees still feel overwhelmed by their monthly expenses and bank account balances. To make matters worse, financial education can often be confusing, leaving many employees continually stressed about their personal finances. This financial stress leads to measurable costs employers must bear. Do you know the true cost of financial stress?

Evaluate the VOI of your current benefits

Are your benefit programs working? By evaluating not only the tangible savings your business sees by introducing wellness programs, take a look at more intangible metrics like employee happiness outside of work, turnover rates, and job satisfaction. Learn how to evaluate the VOI (value on investment) of your benefit programs.

Encourage employees to utilize their existing benefits

Benefit adoption is only half the battle. Without a plan, getting employees to engage with their benefits can quickly become a full-time job. Information sessions, handouts, and campaigns can also cost big bucks if you work at a large organization. Check out these ways to engage your employees with their benefits without spending a dime.

Better engage your employees at work

After the high of getting a new job wears off, employee engagement can start to dwindle. By being deliberate in the ways you engage your employees you can keep them interested in their work and improve employee retention rates. Instead of just acknowledging quick wins around the office, try these more robust ways to boost employee engagement.

Take a closer look at your open enrollment strategy

If your open enrollment periods are looking a little dull, it may be time to evaluate your open enrollment strategy and start thinking about it a few months before it even begins.

Learn how to roll out new benefits

Your benefit offerings are constantly changing, so why not revamp the way you roll them out? The rollout should be more than just a series of emails. How you introduce new benefits to your employees can have a dramatic impact.op

Gamification isn’t just a trend; it’s a business strategy

Gamification isn’t just a buzz word being thrown around anymore — it’s driving measurable business results for businesses of all sizes. Introducing gaming elements to your benefit programs and general employee engagement strategies not only increases adoption and usage rates, it also keeps employees inspired to keep working. Learn how you can use gamification to engage your employees.

If we missed anything in terms of engaging with employees, let us know. We’d love to hear from you.


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