How we designed Edukate’s new logo

Edukate engagement cartoon about how Edukate scales and integrates with other benefits.

Last week, we unveiled a whole new Edukate. With a new website and brand, our logo also changed. We wanted to explain how we designed Edukate’s new logo!

Edukate began as a financial wellness company. We provided educational resources to employees to help them make smarter decisions with their money.

With that came a logo that emphasized our financial educational focus by highlighting the (k) in our name. It was a reference to workplace 401(k) plans.

The original Edukate logo

As Edukate evolved though, we began to offer more personalized guidance, interactive tools, and gave employees easier access to their benefits information — it was natural for our focus and brand to shift.

Never Forget The Past

For starters, the new Edukate logo references our company name. The logo incorporates an “E” and “K” as a monogram of our name.

Through this monogram, our vision, goals, and approach to financial well-being are all captured.

We believe every employee should have access to the tools and resources they need to achieve their financial goals.

The new Edukate logo. Courtesy: Gage Salzano

Sparking Change

In addition to being a monogram, our new logo symbolizes a spark, representing both the moment of realization people have while they’re learning something new and the excitement they get as they make progress towards their financial goals.

A spark is the start of every great flame and plays a pivotal role in every learning journey.

Every fire begins with a spark. Courtesy: Gage Salzano

Looking Inwards

Financial guidance is a continuous, adaptive process. Guidance of all kinds, regardless of skill level, is necessary to help people achieve their financial goals.

Each of the 6 points of the spark point towards the center, symbolizing the guidance we provide to our users.

From engaging assessments that help users evaluate their current financial health, to personalized learning paths to help people achieve specific goals, we hope to provide guidance to users every step of the way.

All paths point toward a central goal. Courtesy: Gage Salzano

Between the Lines

Finally, we utilized the negative space in the design to emphasize our values and focus.

The left side of the Edukate logo is a reference to the core of an apple, a universal symbol of education.

The right side uses the negative space of the “K” to create a pie chart, a reference to financial knowledge.

Apples are a universal symbol of education. Courtesy: Gage Salzano
The negative space in our logo also represents traditional financial charts. Courtesy: Gage Salzano

Just like our users, we believe Edukate is on a unique journey all its own and our new brand focuses our attention on helping everyone achieve their goals.

What do you think about our new logo? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.


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