Updated Assessments for Deeper Insights

Green screenshot of Edukate onboarding assessment

Today, we’re excited to reveal a big update to our user assessments. They now give more insight into employees’ financial lives.

For many users, their first experience with our platform is the new user assessment. It helps them find their footing.

The questions measure financial confidence and stress. Then, we create a plan for each user to tackle their goals.

Edukate’s engaging on-boarding assessment.

But, it was hard to measure progress over time.

Our new updates add change that. We’re making assessments more dynamic for both employees and employers! Knowing how employees are doing financially is the best way to give them the help they need.

Embeddable Surveys

One of the biggest changes to our assessments is the ability to embed them on a other websites and applications.

We separated assessments from the platform to let employers utilize them in their other financial benefits efforts.

You can now include the dynamic assessment in places like your on-boarding forms or company intranet.

Additional Questions

Our original financial confidence assessment was succinct. It gave a big-picture look at how employees compared to their peers financially.

By looking at debt, savings, and planning for the future, we were able to generate a wellness score. This score helped employees to visualize their financial status.

But with this update, employers can now ask custom questions. As a result, they can get deeper insights into how employees feel.

For example, you could ask about HSA enrollment status or if employees know about other programs you offer.

By sending periodic follow-ups of this assessment, you can get an idea of how confidence changes over time.

Multiple Assessments

As employees gain confidence about their personal finances, their goals will change.

Employee using a Macbook pro with headphones on.

In the past, our assessments were shown during onboarding.

Now, employees can take them multiple times a year. This way, they can measure their confidence and goals over time.

Anonymous Data

Finally, the data we collect during is anonymous.

While employees can get personal guidance, employers never see personal info. Quarterly reports use anonymous data to keep info private.

Screenshot of the Edukate employer dashboard analytics.
Data is aggregated anonymously as users complete activities.

If you’d like to learn about our updated assessments for your team to send customized questions or gain deeper insights, contact us at sales@edukate.com.


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