Is Your Financial Wellness Program Working?

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Do you know if your financial wellness program is working for employees?

More than 80 percent of businesses report having a financial wellness program. Unfortunately, many employees still don’t think they’re getting the help they need.

1. On-boarding New Employees

Your financial wellness platform should make it easy to onboard new employees.

Edukate’s automated on-boarding process reduces your workload down to just a few clicks.

After you upload an employee list, we take care of the rest. We automatically send invitations and engagement emails through the year.

You can generate monthly reports of employees’ progress from the employer dashboard to see how the wellness program is working.

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2. Data Handling

Recently, data breaches have made security a top priority.

Businesses should pay attention to what data they’re collecting and how it’s being used.

If your program isn’t able to give you a clear answer about how data is handled, you may need to rethink your strategy.

Edukate makes data protection a breeze. We don’t collect employee’s personal information.

To start, we only need email addresses and employee names. Then, we anonymize employee data.

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3. Continuous Engagement

Finally, your employees’ financial goals are constantly shifting. Some may be having a child while others may be gearing up for retirement.

As their journeys evolve, so too should their financial wellness.

Resources should adapt to employees’ needs throughout the year as they get closer to their goals.

Edukate automates emails and messages. Whether an employee is buying their first home or paying down debt, we have education and benefits that can amplify their efforts.

Visit edukate.com/easy to see how Edukate can amplify your financial wellness efforts.


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