Edukate Content Refresh Coming Soon

Edukate’s content library is undergoing some big changes!

Previously, our content library used curated content. We compiled the latest and greatest resources on a variety of financial topics.

We’ve included resources we thought would make the biggest impact. They’re sourced from trusted experts to leading industry voices.

Over time, we learned more about our users’ unique financial situations. We decided it was time to expand our content library to offer more nuanced guidance and solutions. That way, we can target every user’s unique financial journeys.

Content Waterfall

You’re about to see a lot more content on Edukate. We’ve added over 20,000 words of financial guidance spread out over 200+ articles and resources.

Users’ own financial focuses and learning paths will be automatically updated with this new content as it’s rolled out in phases over the coming weeks.

Edukate is also excited to be able to create relevant and up-to-date content in-house to compliment our curated evergreen content.

Example of New Edukate Content

Content Management

Next, you’ll notice we’ve also updated our content management system (CMS).

The content is just as important as the delivery. Now, it’s easier than ever to get content and personalized guidance.

Our CMS also matches the look and feel of the Edukate platform. It lets us easily expand our content types in the coming months.

Content for Everyone

Finally, we know not every user’s financial journey is the same. That means neither is the way they learn.

Our new content includes articles, videos, audio, and downloadable PDFs to accompany learning paths. We’ve divided it into unique categories to make it easier to find.

Send us a message if there’s a topic you want us to cover! You can reach out via to support@edukate.com

Stay tuned for more information and happy learning!


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