Better Open Enrollment Emails Pop with These 5 Tools

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Email is still the dominant communication medium for employers and marketers alike. During open enrollment, you’ll likely be sending a lot of emails to your employees.

This year, instead of sending the same memos and reminders that are likely archived before they’re even read, spice up your campaigns with these free tools.

Really Good Emails

If you’re looking for some inspiration to kickstart your open enrollment campaigns, Really Good Emails should be the first place you check. Just as the name suggests, it’s a curated gallery of some of the most effective and well-designed emails out there. You can sort by industry, type, and much more.

Get some ideas of verbiage, images, and layouts on Really Good Emails you can transfer over to your own design process.


Mailchimp is the biggest name in the email marketing game and for good reason. They offer email templates you can use for your internal campaigns, A/B testing, list importing, list segmentation, and much more.

Mailchimp automation overview screenshot.

This means you can not only design beautiful emails directly within Mailchimp, you can also segment your employees by department and set up continual engagement campaigns based on their specific needs.

Mailchimp has a free tier but easily expands with your business with paid options. If you’re looking for a supplement to your traditional email campaigns, Mailchimp is a great place to start.


Zapier gives you tools and functionality you likely didn’t know you even needed. They describe themselves as the easiest way to automate your work.

Zapier integrations overview.

By integrating with thousands of applications, Zapier lets you move data between applications and interact in ways you never thought possible.

Need to automatically add someone to an email drip campaign based on a response they gave during an internal survey? Zapier’s got your back. Want to get a Slack notification every time an employee sends HR a question? Zapier can do that too.

Check out their site to see how they can help you think outside of the box and automate your open enrollment process.

Constant Contact

Similar to Mailchimp, Constant Contact is a big player in the email marketing space. They have easy to use templates, tracking, and plenty of functionality. Compared to Mailchimp, they’re sometimes easier to get started with depending on your campaign goals.

Their pricing may also may make more sense for your organization depending on how much you scale.


Adding images to your emails and communications is much more engaging than a plain-text memo. Unsplash has a curated library of free stock photography you can use for your emails to make them stand out in employees’ inboxes. You can search by type, size, and much more.

Homepage of Unsplash website.

Take the time this year to make your open enrollment emails stand out.

There’s nothing worse than sending out an important employee memo only to see that it was never read. Take inspiration from the best email marketers out there and use these free tools to make your emails pop.


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