Meet Your Trusted Advisor

Financial wellness benefits continue to dominate the benefits conversation. While access to these benefits is important, they’re ineffective without the proper guidance.

That’s why Edukate is proud to announce a new partnership with Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners through its Trusted Advisor service.

We are combining Edukate’s financial benefits platform and Trusted Advisor’s tech-enabled financial counseling into one offering for employers and employees alike.

This partnership also offers exclusive discounts and opportunities for Edukate customers.

Partnering with Neighborhood Trust

For over 20 years, Neighborhood Trust has helped workers take control of their finances through financial counseling, linked to safe and goal-oriented financial products, and delivered in community and workplace settings.

Its financial wellness benefit Trusted Advisor helps ease the burden of employees’ everyday money worries with expert counselors who demystify personal finance with empathy—and a personalized plan.

Counselors provide on-demand, one-on-one support and action-oriented guidance, based on a wide range of experience in personal finance, and help employees develop smart financial habits through behavioral science-backed tools that keep them motivated.

Counselors are conveniently available Monday through Saturday, with hours that accommodate all domestic time zones, and speak directly with employees about their financial questions.

Counselors are unbiased and never sell third-party products or services to employees. Instead, they help employees take action with their financial plan.

This includes offering guidance on how to make the best use of other workplace benefits and tools available to them.

How Trusted Advisor Works

Trusted Advisor arms participants with the skills and actionable steps to meet their financial goals.

After employees register with Trusted Advisor, they can sign up for a session and meet with a counselor via phone or Skype.

In the first session, they will work together with their counselor to identify challenges they’re facing, like cash flow shortfalls, budgeting, emergency savings, and debt management; review their credit report; and identify their goals—like buying a housing or sending a child to college—and create a plan to achieve them.

After the session, counselors will continue to encourage employees to make progress on their goals, sending text message reminders to fulfill steps in their action plan. Employees can meet with their counselor as many times as they like to track progress and make adjustments as needed.

It’s as easy as that.

Even more important, more than 95% of employers polled are satisfied with the help Trusted Advisor brings. =)

What this Means

At Edukate, we believe this is a great partnership opportunity for our customers. As an organization, we have been constantly changing and adapting to meet the ever-changing needs of employers and their employees.

We have heard from a number of you that you would like to have the ability for their employees to speak as needed to financial counselors – this partnership meets that need.

It is also another example of how integrated financial benefits only strengthens Edukate’s financial benefits platform offering. 

If you are interested in learning more about this new partnership, please contact us at hello@edukate.com.

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  1. Danny says:

    Actual information . Lack of knowledge in managing your finances leads to losses. It’s good that you provide such services. Assistance in the proper distribution of funds is necessary.


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