Open Enrollment Campaign Messaging Tips

Employee at a coffee shop working at a cash register

Open enrollment can be tough to get employees to engage. Frequent messages make it hard to know what to pay attention to. Below, we’ve got some creative tips to help you make your messages more effective for open enrollment.

Start with Why

The single biggest change you can make to your open enrollment messaging is to figure out why each message matters.

When employees open emails, they quickly figure out if they’re relevant.

Each communication you send should be tailored to individual employees’ needs.

Get straight to the point and help employees see the benefits right away. Then they can determine what action, if any, is needed from them.

Money Matters

You probably can’t tell employees how much money they’ll save by modifying their health plans or benefits. But you can at least plant the seed that money is on the line.

For many employees, they may not be fully aware of the benefits they’re paying for. Nor do they know how they could get more bang for the buck.

If you have information to share from benefit brokers about new plan offerings or changes to existing plans that may save employees money, include it in your communications to get employees to at least check how their current enrollments stack up.

If benefit brokers give you information about new plans or changes that could save money, include it in your emails!

Use Employee Personas

Your messaging shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all.

As we mentioned in the 4 Steps to Creating an Engaging Wellness Program, creating personas is helpful. Personas let you create specific messaging for each employee group.

If you know that some of your employees got married in the last few months or that some employees are sending their kids away to college soon, the benefit resources and messaging you provide to each of them should be different.

Targeted communications can help boost employee enrollment rates and increase engagement.

Add Some Color

Finally, take your messaging to the next level by making it look fun.

In our last blog post, we covered some of the free image and video resources you can use to spruce up your communications. Use stock image libraries like Unsplash to add images to your emails, posters, and presentations and record short reference videos about each benefit offering so that employees can find the information they need more easily.

While open enrollment is stressful, creating more effective messaging for your employees can save you headaches down the road. By knowing who your employees are and what they care about, you can tailor your messaging specifically to them to make the biggest impact.


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