Open Enrollment Mistakes to Avoid This Year

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While preparing for open enrollment, it’s often easy to overlook key points. Below are some common mistakes you should avoid when getting ready for open enrollment.

Communication Breakdown

Communication is the key to success in every open enrollment campaign. But some employers still leave gaps in their communication mix.

Make sure your benefits communications are specific to each employee group. Include a mix of digital and in-person efforts to make sure employees get the information they need.

Employee confidence

Only about 15% of employees say they feel confident with their decisions after they change their benefits.

Make sure employees know that they might lose money if they don’t check their enrollments this year.

Send employees financial and wellness resources for them to see how their enrollment selections will affect their coverage. This can help them feel more confident with whatever decision they make.

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Getting Personal

The benefits you offer to employees shouldn’t just cover the basics.

Offering voluntary benefits that let you tailor benefits offerings to individual employee needs can go a long way for retention and hiring.

Benefits like a retirement plan or health and dental are standard, but for some employees student loan assistance or financial education may be more important to their short term goals.

Resources and Documentation

After you send out benefits communications, don’t forget about continued support.

Create a company intranet with videos and documentation that employees can reference easily.

Additionally, consider consolidating your benefits documentation. A platform like Edukate helps keeps benefits all in one place so you don’t need multiple logins.

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Technology-Focused Enrollment

Some employees still need old-fashioned paper options.

Print posters and handouts for employees who prefer to manage their benefits in writing.

Digital enrollment can be confusing and overwhelming for employees who prefer more traditional communications.

Offer multiple enrollment options so that some employees don’t get left out.

The best way to avoid making mistakes during open enrollment is to pay attention each year to what’s working and what isn’t. Using a retrospective meeting or a review process, you can make notes about things to focus on year over year.


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