Easier Plan Organization with New Upload Tool

Edukate is excited to announce recent changes to our employee census upload tool.

Our recent update makes it easier to add and organize employees to an Edukate plan. This helps administrators speed up onboarding and get employees going faster.

Additionally, our new census tool gives more accurate reporting when managing big teams. You’ll get better feedback about upload and invite progress. Finally, you’ll also be able to manage your team size and available seats.

Introducing Enhanced Upload Messaging

The census uploader lets administrators add or remove employees from Edukate.

The most obvious change comes in the form of communication. First, we’ve added notifications to the upload portal.

They better guide administrators through updating their employee list.

Now, if you try to upload duplicate employees, we’ll automatically detect them.

Similarly, we’ll detect employees currently using Edukate who are not in your new upload. This can be helpful if you keep a full employee census at all times. Upload your full employee list and we can remove employees not listed.

These features give you more flexibility with how you manage your employee list. You can upload, remove, and update access for employee groups in many ways.

Additional Licenses

We’ve also updated managing Edukate licenses and available seats.

Previously, if you uploaded more employees than your plan allowed, the upload failed.

Now, we display exactly how many seats you’re exceeding your license by. You can then reach out to Edukate to add more.

Confirmation Emails

Finally, we’ve added upload confirmations. Email summaries of the upload process get sent to your inbox when the upload is complete.

You may also receive email notifications if any portion of the upload fails.

This extra communication and guidance will help administrators better manage employee data. You can easily add or remove employees from Edukate and get additional licenses if needed.

We hope all of these changes make it easier to manage your team on Edukate. Info about your licenses, upload progress, and notifications help you get your team going faster.

For a full walkthrough of the new Edukate census upload tool, check out our latest FAQ on the subject. And feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.


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