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  1. Overcome the Next Recession with Financial Wellness

    A recent Gallup survey found employers with the strong employee wellness programs saw increases to their bottom line in the last recession. These employers saw an average of 26% increases to their profits during the economic slowdown. That’s compared to similar firms. Financial Problems Overflow Employees’ pocketbooks aren’t the only thing affected in the pinch of…

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  2. Empower Employees with Financial Wellness

    Financial wellness is one of the most sought-after employee benefits. In this episode of “Innovation Conversations with NFP”, we speak with Chris Whitlow, CEO and Founder of Edukate. Learn about Edukate’s comprehensive financial wellness offering to employers and how you can put this to work to empower employees!

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  3. The Student Loan Crisis is Affecting Your Business

    The student loan debt crisis is impossible to ignore. 1 in 3 working Americans has student loan debt. The stress of paying back loans isn’t just personal — it affects job performance too. These days, graduates want employers to help them with their loans and create plans to pay them off. By the Numbers Student loan debt affects…

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  4. Why Employees Aren’t Using Your Wellness Programs

    Almost 70% of businesses offer wellness for their employees. Unfortunately, many employees aren’t using those wellness programs. But despite their prevalence, employers still struggle to get employees to engage and utilize their benefits. There are some key reasons why employers are struggling. From a lack of a communication strategy to not thinking about benefits the…

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  5. Rolling Out Edukate Timeline

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    We know you’re busy. That’s why we made Edukate one of the easiest elective benefits to roll out to employees. In fact, most Edukate plans are implemented in less than 30 days . The actual account creation takes just a few minutes. Always the Right Time We all know that open enrollment comes once a year . But…

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  6. College saving assistance benefits

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    The cost of college education continues to rise. Children born this year can expect to pay nearly $500,000 for a private college. For employees with children, the thought of saving for their future is always top of mind. But as college costs rise, so does the stress of paying for it. Many parents want to…

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  7. Open Enrollment Campaign Messaging Tips

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    Open enrollment can be tough to get employees to engage. Frequent messages make it hard to know what to pay attention to. Below, we’ve got some creative tips to help you make your messages more effective for open enrollment. Start with Why The single biggest change you can make to your open enrollment messaging is to…

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  8. Millennial Financial Expectations and Reality at Odds

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    Millennials are overestimating their retirement readiness. They’re not using traditional financial milestones either. Owning a home and having children are no longer metrics of success. More millennials than ever believe their finances will work themselves out. Millennials continue favor their own happiness over traditional financial pressures and metrics. Early Retirement Many millennials believe that they’ll…

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  9. 7 ways to get your finances in check in 2018

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    Although unemployment rates are at a 10-year low and people’s optimism about their own financial wellbeing is growing, many Americans still feel unsure about their financial future. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite financial-preparedness tips to help you step into 2018 on the right foot. 1. Boost your emergency fund Most Americans don’t have…

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  • Most of our programs can be rolled out in less than 30 days.

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