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  1. Financial Stressors a Wellness Program Can’t Address

    Financial wellness programs are more popular than ever. Unfortunately, they aren’t able to remedy every financial stressor employees have because some financial issues stem from the workplace. Employers should focus on both traditional financial wellness and addressing these key issues. Bad Management Bad management is often cited as one of the main reasons employees leave…

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  2. Not All Employees Will Use Your Benefits And That’s OK

    You work on your employees’ benefits programs to help them feel happier and healthier. However, not all of your employees are using them. Although maximizing the reach of your benefits may be top of mind, it often doesn’t tell the whole picture. Reach vs. Impact The reach of a program includes how many employees enrolled or…

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  3. Quarterly Wellness: Top 3 Engagement Tips

    It’s important to revisit your wellness programs every few months to keep them effective. Below are three things you should do for quarterly wellness efforts. Talk to Employees Employee engagement surveys are a great way to get a pulse for how a program is performing. Use them to find out how employees feel about their…

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  4. Are Americans Ready for Another Recession?

    Millions of Americans aren’t ready for the next recession or economic slowdown. This vulnerability became apparent when millions of federal workers were forced to go without a paycheck back in January. The Underlying Crisis More than three quarters of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. That means many families aren’t able to cover all of their…

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  5. Why Employees Aren’t Using Your Wellness Programs

    Almost 70% of businesses offer wellness for their employees. Unfortunately, many employees aren’t using those wellness programs. But despite their prevalence, employers still struggle to get employees to engage and utilize their benefits. There are some key reasons why employers are struggling. From a lack of a communication strategy to not thinking about benefits the…

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  6. Artificial Intelligence and the Future of HR

    The future of HR management lies in the hands of artificial intelligence. Benefits platforms that adapt to employees’ needs and smarter schedules will be the norm. Unfortunately, the push for technology may only bring progress to some. Many are still relying on paper documents and old-school management techniques. Are HR managers ready for the rise…

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  7. Is Your Financial Wellness Program Working?

    Employee hands typing on an Apple keyboard next to a Macbook Pro.

    Do you know if your financial wellness program is working for employees? More than 80 percent of businesses report having a financial wellness program. Unfortunately, many employees still don’t think they’re getting the help they need. 1. On-boarding New Employees Your financial wellness platform should make it easy to onboard new employees. Edukate’s automated on-boarding…

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  8. The Benefits of Student Loan Assistance

    Employees sitting on a couch collaborating on a project.

    Student loans account for almost $1.5 trillion in personal debt. Nearly 50 million Americans carry some form of student loan debt. As these numbers rise, employers are looking for ways to offer student loan assistance. Employees spend an average of $300–400 each month paying down their student loans. If employers help with that burden, they…

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  9. Open Enrollment Enrollment Checklist and Tips

    Post it notes stuck to a bulletin board with ideas for open enrollment.

    Open enrollment is only a few weeks long. But it can often feel like it lasts most of the year! We’ve put together a checklist and strategy for you to make the most out of open enrollment. [ ] Plan Ahead Give yourself at least 2 months of lead-time before open enrollment begins to get ready….

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  10. Open Enrollment Mistakes to Avoid This Year

    Woman working at a desk.

    While preparing for open enrollment, it’s often easy to overlook key points. Below are some common mistakes you should avoid when getting ready for open enrollment. Communication Breakdown Communication is the key to success in every open enrollment campaign. But some employers still leave gaps in their communication mix. Make sure your benefits communications are…

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