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  1. Student Loan Benefits with Gradifi Partnership

    Student carrying a backpack worried about student loans.

    In 2018, over half of American businesses offered financial wellness. Unfortunately, only 35% of employees actually use it. Today, Edukate is partnering with Gradifi to bridge that gap by offering student loan benefits. Often, employees don’t use their benefits because they don’t help in the areas they need most. Student loans affect millions of Americans….

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  2. Does Student Loan Debt Ever Make Sense?

    Three young women studying on a park bench.

    Followed only by home debt, student loans account for more than $1.5 trillion in debt. Despite its rise, many incoming students still reach for the financial vehicle to help them achieve their academic goals. Although the alarm bells are sounding off by some economists who worry we’re in a loan bubble that’s soon to burst,…

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