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  1. Keep Employees Longer with the Right Benefits

    Did you know that it’s easier to keep employees longer when they feel like they’re getting help navigating their finances. It’s true. When your team has access to financial tools, retention rates go up. But if employers fail to act, they’re more likely to look for a new job. Increased Turnover Costs Turnover costs cost…

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  2. Not All Employees Will Use Your Benefits And That’s OK

    You work on your employees’ benefits programs to help them feel happier and healthier. However, not all of your employees are using them. Although maximizing the reach of your benefits may be top of mind, it often doesn’t tell the whole picture. Reach vs. Impact The reach of a program includes how many employees enrolled or…

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  3. Empower Employees with Financial Wellness

    Financial wellness is one of the most sought-after employee benefits. In this episode of “Innovation Conversations with NFP”, we speak with Chris Whitlow, CEO and Founder of Edukate. Learn about Edukate’s comprehensive financial wellness offering to employers and how you can put this to work to empower employees!

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  4. TotalRetail | Get Your Retail Employees to Engage With Their Benefits

    Retail is one of the largest occupations in the U.S. with nearly 16 millionemployees, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The mean hourly wage of $13.20 is slowly rising, with companies like Amazon.comraising its minimum wage to $15 per hour and Target aiming to do the same by 2020.

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  5. Artificial Intelligence and the Future of HR

    The future of HR management lies in the hands of artificial intelligence. Benefits platforms that adapt to employees’ needs and smarter schedules will be the norm. Unfortunately, the push for technology may only bring progress to some. Many are still relying on paper documents and old-school management techniques. Are HR managers ready for the rise…

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  6. Updated Assessments for Deeper Insights

    Green screenshot of Edukate onboarding assessment

    Today, we’re excited to reveal a big update to our user assessments. They now give more insight into employees’ financial lives. For many users, their first experience with our platform is the new user assessment. It helps them find their footing. The questions measure financial confidence and stress. Then, we create a plan for each…

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  7. Financial Wellness Program Costs Breakdown

    Silhouette woman working on a laptop.

    The costs of a financial wellness program come from engagement efforts and rollout. When you first start implement a program, start by evaluating your current costs for financial benefits. Think of fees for retirement funds and broker costs. The amount you currently spend on retirement plans and education may influence how much you’re able to…

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  8. Hospitality Workers Aren’t Using Their Benefits — Here’s Why

    Coffee shop packed with people working and relaxing.

    Hospitality and service workers make up 17% of the workforce. It’s often transient work that comes with low wages for entry-level employees. Hospitality employers can offer better benefits to their workforce to address the specific needs of this employment group. Among service industry workers,only 42% had access to retirement benefits. Additionally, only half of those…

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