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  1. Employee Financial Stress Has Many Sources

    Older couple reviewing paperwork at a restaurant.

    A recent MetLife survey asked employees about their top sources of financial stress. It found that employees have very different short and long-term financial stressors. Slow wage growth and rising living costs are often the root causes of this stress. Employers focus on helping both short and long-term stressors when creating benefits plans. Long Term…

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  2. Edukate’s New Brand Story

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    Edukate began in 2013 as a member of Orlando’s first technology incubator, Starter Studio. Since then, we’ve changed considerably! Here’s the story of the new Edukate brand. We built Edukate with a belief that traditional retirement and financial education were broken. We knew there were better ways to help employees achieve their financial goals. Embracing…

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  • Edukate integrates with your current employer benefits provider.

  • Most of our programs can be rolled out in less than 30 days.

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