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  1. The Added Costs of Financial Stress at Work

    Financial stress affects employees’ health and it costs businesses billions each year. Employers can save money and create a healthier workforce by addressing it. The right tools can lower insurance premiums and reduce absenteeism.

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  2. Financial Stressors a Wellness Program Can’t Address

    Financial wellness programs are more popular than ever. Unfortunately, they aren’t able to remedy every financial stressor employees have because some financial issues stem from the workplace. Employers should focus on both traditional financial wellness and addressing these key issues. Bad Management Bad management is often cited as one of the main reasons employees leave…

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  3. Empower Employees with Financial Wellness

    Financial wellness is one of the most sought-after employee benefits. In this episode of “Innovation Conversations with NFP”, we speak with Chris Whitlow, CEO and Founder of Edukate. Learn about Edukate’s comprehensive financial wellness offering to employers and how you can put this to work to empower employees!

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  4. Financial Wellness Isn’t Just for Open Enrollment

    Open office plan. Chairs and employees scattered throughout.

    Open enrollment isn’t the only time that you can make an impact with financial wellness. For platforms like Edukate, rollout doesn’t have to happen during open enrollment. In fact, most plans roll out outside of open enrollment. Data Handling Edukate doesn’t collect personal or sensitive data from employees. As a result, we avoid the headaches…

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  5. Student Loan Benefits with Gradifi Partnership

    Student carrying a backpack worried about student loans.

    In 2018, over half of American businesses offered financial wellness. Unfortunately, only 35% of employees actually use it. Today, Edukate is partnering with Gradifi to bridge that gap by offering student loan benefits. Often, employees don’t use their benefits because they don’t help in the areas they need most. Student loans affect millions of Americans….

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  6. Key Benefits of a Financial Wellness Program

    Working through an idea in a messy office. Employees sitting at a round table with an external monitor.

    Almost 80% of Americans work somewhere that offers a retirement plan. Unfortunately, only half use it. Financial wellness programs can be a better alternative. Financial stress can lead to changes in physical and mental health. Consequently, it can impact health and productivity costs at a company for years to come. Companies that address employee stress…

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  7. Do Millennials Want Your Retirement Plan?

    People's backs looking out a coffee shop window. Working on laptops and drinking coffee.

    Almost 79% of employees have access to a 401(k). But adoption rates are often very different depending on the industry. Only 32% of Americansare saving into a 401(k) for retirement. Unfortunately, employers are losing money by not providing the right perks. By better understanding why some employees aren’t enrolling in retirement plans, businesses can better…

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