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  1. Rethinking Financial Wellness Education ROIs

    Recordkeepers and employers are beginning to rethink their approach to financial wellness. Almost all employers say they offer financial wellness benefits of some kind.

    But many employers face a hurdle. Defining a tangible ROI for a wellness program can be difficult.

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  2. Open Enrollment Communication Channels

    Lots of employees in a conference room looking at a whiteboard in the distance.

    Instead of email blasts or meetings for open enrollment, reconsider how you communicate. Help employees get access to the information they need in the right communication channels. Company Intranet For employees, it’s easy to be blinded by all of the emails that come during open enrollment. Instead of only sending info via email, create a…

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  • Edukate integrates with your current employer benefits provider.

  • Most of our programs can be rolled out in less than 30 days.

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