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  1. Keeping and Finding Talent in a Tight Job Market

    Recent labor report shows that unemployment rates are at the lowest they’ve been in almost fifty years. This makes keeping talent even harder. Economists believe we are at full employment. The national average unemployment rate is 3.6%. But because the job market is tight, employers need to get creative with how they find and keep good…

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  2. Employee Financial Stress Has Many Sources

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    A recent MetLife survey asked employees about their top sources of financial stress. It found that employees have very different short and long-term financial stressors. Slow wage growth and rising living costs are often the root causes of this stress. Employers focus on helping both short and long-term stressors when creating benefits plans. Long Term…

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  3. Overcome the Next Recession with Financial Wellness

    A recent Gallup survey found employers with the strong employee wellness programs saw increases to their bottom line in the last recession. These employers saw an average of 26% increases to their profits during the economic slowdown. That’s compared to similar firms. Financial Problems Overflow Employees’ pocketbooks aren’t the only thing affected in the pinch of…

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  4. Artificial Intelligence and the Future of HR

    The future of HR management lies in the hands of artificial intelligence. Benefits platforms that adapt to employees’ needs and smarter schedules will be the norm. Unfortunately, the push for technology may only bring progress to some. Many are still relying on paper documents and old-school management techniques. Are HR managers ready for the rise…

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  5. Annual Benefits Reviews?

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    For employers, open enrollment is a time to double-down. It’s about updating and improving benefits offerings. Unfortunately, using open enrollment as an annual benefits review may mean you miss some things. Unfortunately, using open enrollment as an annual benefits review may mean you miss some things. Shifting your focus to periodic reviews instead of an…

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  6. Things to do with Your  Benefits Before Year End

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    Help your employees step into the new year on the right foot. Here are some tips to boost your benefits before the end of the year. Holiday Spending Tips The end of the year likely means lots of holiday spending. Unfortunately, many Americans go into debt to make sure the holidays are special. If you offer…

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  7. Have You Talked to Your Broker About Financial Wellness?

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    Almost every business has a financial wellness program in place. If you’d like to introduce it to your employees, you should talk with your broker. While these programs are a great first step, they’re likely not cutting it. Engagement and meeting employees’ actual financial needs are missing. Even though open enrollment is in full swing,…

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  8. Rolling Out Edukate Timeline

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    We know you’re busy. That’s why we made Edukate one of the easiest elective benefits to roll out to employees. In fact, most Edukate plans are implemented in less than 30 days . The actual account creation takes just a few minutes. Always the Right Time We all know that open enrollment comes once a year . But…

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  9. Student Loan Benefits with Gradifi Partnership

    Student carrying a backpack worried about student loans.

    In 2018, over half of American businesses offered financial wellness. Unfortunately, only 35% of employees actually use it. Today, Edukate is partnering with Gradifi to bridge that gap by offering student loan benefits. Often, employees don’t use their benefits because they don’t help in the areas they need most. Student loans affect millions of Americans….

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  10. Open Enrollment Enrollment Checklist and Tips

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    Open enrollment is only a few weeks long. But it can often feel like it lasts most of the year! We’ve put together a checklist and strategy for you to make the most out of open enrollment. [ ] Plan Ahead Give yourself at least 2 months of lead-time before open enrollment begins to get ready….

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  • Most of our programs can be rolled out in less than 30 days.

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