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  1. Things to do with Your  Benefits Before Year End

    Closeup of a desk calendar.

    Help your employees step into the new year on the right foot. Here are some tips to boost your benefits before the end of the year. Holiday Spending Tips The end of the year likely means lots of holiday spending. Unfortunately, many Americans go into debt to make sure the holidays are special. If you offer…

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  2. Open Enrollment Enrollment Checklist and Tips

    Post it notes stuck to a bulletin board with ideas for open enrollment.

    Open enrollment is only a few weeks long. But it can often feel like it lasts most of the year! We’ve put together a checklist and strategy for you to make the most out of open enrollment. [ ] Plan Ahead Give yourself at least 2 months of lead-time before open enrollment begins to get ready….

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  3. Open Enrollment Mistakes to Avoid This Year

    Woman working at a desk.

    While preparing for open enrollment, it’s often easy to overlook key points. Below are some common mistakes you should avoid when getting ready for open enrollment. Communication Breakdown Communication is the key to success in every open enrollment campaign. But some employers still leave gaps in their communication mix. Make sure your benefits communications are…

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  4. How to Handle Last-minute Benefit Adds

    One employee explaining to a coworker a relevant point.

    Open enrollment is just around the corner. While it may feel like you’re running out of time, it’s not too late for last minute benefits! Talking to Your Advisor The first place to start with a last-minute benefits adds is to talk to your advisor. Your plan advisor will be able to guide you through the…

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  5. The 21 Best Open Enrollment Resources

    Women smiling with a cell phone.

    We’ve compiled a list of our favorite checklists, marketing strategies, and open enrollment resources to use this year. Open Enrollment Marketing SHRM: 8 Best Practices for Open Enrollment Communication Macdonald Consults: 5 Best Practices for Your Most Successful Open Enrollment Yet Jellyvision: Designing an Open Enrollment Marketing Plan Jellyvision: Creating Open Enrollment Messaging That Sticks…

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  6. How we designed Edukate’s new logo

    Edukate engagement cartoon about how Edukate scales and integrates with other benefits.

    Last week, we unveiled a whole new Edukate. With a new website and brand, our logo also changed. We wanted to explain how we designed Edukate’s new logo! Edukate began as a financial wellness company. We provided educational resources to employees to help them make smarter decisions with their money. With that came a logo…

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  7. Edukate’s New Brand Story

    Orange overlay over a person typing with an Edukate logo embedded beneath.

    Edukate began in 2013 as a member of Orlando’s first technology incubator, Starter Studio. Since then, we’ve changed considerably! Here’s the story of the new Edukate brand. We built Edukate with a belief that traditional retirement and financial education were broken. We knew there were better ways to help employees achieve their financial goals. Embracing…

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  8. Maximizing Your Financial Wellness Program with Continued Engagement

    Employees working on a project around a wooden table in the break room.

    Open enrollment shouldn’t be the only time you engage your employees in their financial wellness program. To maximize the effectiveness of your program, you should communicate frequently.  Financial wellness programs can help reduce employee stress and help them stay more focused at work. Financially stressed employees spend an average of 3–5 hours per week worrying…

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  9. 4 Ways to Pay for a Financial Wellness Program

    A post it note with a lightbulb drawn on it posted on a bulletin board.

    The need for a financial wellness program is well documented, but the biggest pushback we often hear from employers is the lack of a budget to help pay for it. While the benefits and savings from a financial wellness program are often large enough to pay for a program on their own, employers sometimes struggle…

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  10. Creating a Budget for Your Financial Wellness Program

    Calculator and business paperwork.

    Creating a budget for a financial wellness program at your organization can be one of the cornerstones of the program’s success. Spend too little on rollout and education about the program and you’ll see less-than-desirable results. Spend too much and you’ll find diminishing returns per-employee as you extend the program to the whole organization. How…

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