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  1. When Building Culture, Does Checking a Box Count?

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    Nearly all organizations are trying to decide how they can both create and improve their company culture — but are they doing it for the right reasons? If an organization is simply offering the latest benefits in hopes of fostering a healthy company culture, but they lack a proper communication plan, they’re unlikely to make any progress….

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  2. Making Benefits Education More Engaging

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    Employers often go to great lengths to offer wellness benefits to their employees, but according to a recent survey, almost half of employees understand their benefits material. As benefits offerings continue to grow in sophistication and personalization, many employers still struggle to find ways to engage their employees.Below, we take a look at some of…

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  3. Why Effective Communication Matters for Employee Benefits

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    Benefit program rollouts and maintenance take months of work and effective communication with employees about their benefits offerings can produce meaningful results. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to plan their communication strategies beyond rollout. Whether you’re a small or large business, you can likely benefit from optimizing and revamping your benefits communication strategies. Employee Needs Change No…

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  4. How to Better Engage Your Employees in 2018

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    To start 2018 on the right foot, we compiled some of our favorite blog posts and pieces of advice from last year to help you better engage your employees. Whether you’d like to get a better idea of how well your benefit programs are performing or increase retention rates, we’ve got you covered. See how…

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  5. The True Cost of Financial Stress at Work

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    Although unemployment rates are at a 16-year low in the United States, many workers still feel stressed about their personal finances — over 60% of Americans wouldn’t be able to cover a $500 emergency. This problem is only compounded by a lack of financial education among the workforce. As employees remain stressed about their personal finances, the…

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  6. 6 ways to increase benefits engagement with no budget

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    Businesses of all sizes can benefit from engaging their employees in their wellness benefits offerings. Engaged employees have increased productivity, lower healthcare costs, and better overall job satisfaction. Unfortunately, wellness rollout plans can be pricey. Below, we take a look at ways to increase benefits engagement without breaking the bank. Increase awareness of benefits Only 41%…

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  7. Evaluating the VOI of Your Wellness Plans

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    Employers are no longer just focusing on traditional metrics to evaluate the benefits plans they offer to employees. Instead of only healthcare savings or adoption rates of retirement plans, employers are now focusing their attention on additional metrics called VOIs (Value on Investments). VOIs give employers deeper insights into the success of wellness programs and…

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