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  1. Are Americans Ready for Another Recession?

    Millions of Americans aren’t ready for the next recession or economic slowdown. This vulnerability became apparent when millions of federal workers were forced to go without a paycheck back in January. The Underlying Crisis More than three quarters of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. That means many families aren’t able to cover all of their…

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  2. Being Smart with Giving Away Your Money

    The reason for giving money away may be different for every person. For many of us, giving to a charitable cause recognizes that no matter where we are in our own financial journey, there’s always someone above or below own position. Giving helps pass on successes to others less fortunate and make the world a…

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  3. 7 ways to get your finances in check in 2018

    A red apple on a desk.

    Although unemployment rates are at a 10-year low and people’s optimism about their own financial wellbeing is growing, many Americans still feel unsure about their financial future. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite financial-preparedness tips to help you step into 2018 on the right foot. 1. Boost your emergency fund Most Americans don’t have…

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