The 21 Best Open Enrollment Resources

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We’ve compiled a list of our favorite checklists, marketing strategies, and open enrollment resources to use this year.

Open Enrollment Marketing

  1. SHRM: 8 Best Practices for Open Enrollment Communication
  2. Macdonald Consults: 5 Best Practices for Your Most Successful Open Enrollment Yet
  3. Jellyvision: Designing an Open Enrollment Marketing Plan
  4. Jellyvision: Creating Open Enrollment Messaging That Sticks
  5. HealthPartners: Checklist for a Successful Open Enrollment Meeting
  6. BenefitFocus: Communication Timeline for Open Enrollment
  7. MeetAlex: Complete Communication Playbook

Getting Creative with Open Enrollment

  1. Edukate: Using Video to Boost Your Open Enrollment Campaigns
  2. Griffin Benefits: Spice Up Your Open Enrollment meetings
  3. Digital Doughnut: 7 Proven Principles of Email Marketing
  4. GuideSmart: Getting the Word out About Your Open Enrollment Videos
  5. PlanSource: Open Enrollment Printed Materials Templates
  6. JellyVision: 7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Open Enrollment Benefits Presentations

Managing Open Enrollment Costs

  1. Edukate: Creating a Budget for Your Financial Wellness Program
  2. Trinet: Preparing for Increased Healthcare Costs for Employees
  3. SHRM: Open Enrollment: Developing Your Game Plan

Open Enrollment Emails

  1. BenefitFocus: Downloadable Open Enrollment Email Templates
  2. BenefitsPro: Creating Open Enrollment Communications That Motivate Employees to Enroll

Engaging Employees

  1. RiseSmart: Improving Employee Engagement with Internal Communications
  2. Edukate: 4 Steps to Creating an Engaging Wellness Program
  3. Edukate: Improve Employee Engagement and Retention


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