Edukate’s New Brand Story

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Edukate began in 2013 as a member of Orlando’s first technology incubator, Starter Studio. Since then, we’ve changed considerably! Here’s the story of the new Edukate brand.

We built Edukate with a belief that traditional retirement and financial education were broken. We knew there were better ways to help employees achieve their financial goals.

Embracing a “move fast and break things” startup mentality, we quickly built the first version of Edukate.

After 5 years, we’re proud to unveil the next chapter of our Edukate story.

Where we began

Edukate’s original mission was to bring retirement tools and resources to employees to help them make smarter decisions with their money.

However, we quickly discovered we also had to help them with their entire financial journey. As people became more confident with their financial present, their financial futures became even brighter.

Edukate Founder Chris Whitlow (pictured left of Mayor Buddy Dyer) during the Inaugural Starter Studio class.

From this idea, we added even more tools and content to our library. Our team began curating our content into paths that became the backbone of our experience, guiding people through custom learning journeys to help them achieve their personal goals.

We also added engaging tools like Kate, a benefits portal that allow employees to get in-depth insights into their spending and saving habits.

Today, Edukate is more than just a financial wellness platform. Financial assessments, guides, and easier access to benefit resources are all part of our focus to help employees tackle their financial stressors so they can do their best work.

The new Edukate brand

As we expanded our focus to more than just retirement planning, our vision for the business grew as well.

This month, we’re been proud to unveil an entirely new Edukate brand to better align with our philosophy and messaging.

Our new logo and company focus allow us to expand beyond simple educational tools and materials to address individual employee needs on a more personalized basis.

If you’d like to read about the meaning behind our new logo, stayed tuned for next week’s blog post.

Edukate in 2018

As you can see, we’ve grown a lot. We’ve added 6 new team members to our team in Orlando and added tens of thousands of new users to our platform.

Team Edukate 2018

We’re continually humbled to hear financial transformations from our users who have reduced their financial stresses to allow them to focus on what matters to them most.

The newest iteration of the Edukate brand is still just the beginning of our journey and we thank you for being a part of it so far!


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