Using Video to Boost Your Open Enrollment Campaigns

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Video is king. Even social networks and news outlets have prioritized video over text and photography alone. Because it’s easier to consume and is more engaging, video can be an important part of your open enrollment efforts. overall.

Video Types

Because video is so versatile, you should focus on a few key areas when you’re getting started.

Company Intranet

During open enrollment, take the time to get with your benefit providers. Create videos to cover key features and how to access the benefits.

Use your company intranet to host the videos for reference later on. Employee can use them throughout the year to get the answers they need.


Webinars are a low-cost solution. You can host monthly or quarterly sessions about how to maximize benefits or enroll in new ones.

For instance, if you’re running a contest for your employees to make healthier choices, host a webinar with a local fitness or health expert. You can answer employee’s questions “on air.”

Webinars can live on your company’s intranet as well. You can also use them in marketing emails you send throughout the year.

60–90 Second Tutorials

Break down your long-form video into snippets you can share with employees each week leading up to open enrollment.

Find a part of your benefits you find interesting, a tip you’ve learned from your benefits broker or provider, or content you’d like to use to engage your employees, and create short video snippets from it.

For example, if the holidays are just around the corner from your open enrollment, consider making a video around ways to budget for a big holiday shopping season to share with employees.

Creating Videos

After you’ve brainstormed ways to leverage video for your open enrollment, it’s time to get to work.

iPhone Camera

While having a professional video camera or team would be nice, there’s a good chance that your own phone camera is high-enough quality to get the job done when you’re just getting started.

If you’re just making video for internal use, or you need something done quickly, your iPhone camera can help you get moving quickly. Use a tripod or just take a selfie video.


A tool we recommend frequently to employers looking to make the leap into video is Soapbox.

Soapbox, made by Wistia, lets you easily create webinar-style content and edit it directly in the browser. Using your computer’s microphone, camera, and screen-capture, it’s able to create short videos in just a few minutes.

Keynote and PowerPoint

Your computer’s presentation software can also be a great resource for recording presentations to share with employees. Both Keynote and PowerPoint have built-in audio-recording functionality that let you capture audio during your presentation. They then marry the two together and create a shareable video.

As you get started creating video for your open enrollment, remember to start small and leverage what you’ve got. Create high-level looks at your benefits and get creative with ways you can break up the content to continually engage employees throughout the year.


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