Make employee engagement feel natural.

Many employees never engage with their benefits because they’re boring and uninviting. By offering individualized guidance and interactive content, we’ve rethought employee engagement from the ground up.

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Engaging Assessments

Our assessments pinpoint areas of financial stress for employees, highlight how their financial health compares to their peers, and make recommendations of spending habits to help them achieve their financial goals. The playful nature of the assessments encourages more employees to complete and continue learning.

Personalized Guides

Edukate has a growing library of 30+ video courses and 9 step-by-step guides hand-picked by experts to address the most common personal finance questions and areas of stress.

Contests & Gamification

We understand that talking and learning about personal finances is challenging. That’s why we’ve added points and contests to engage users throughout their learning journey. They can be created as raffle-based competitions, so you can use whatever method boosts your engagement most.

  • Edukate integrates with your current employer benefits provider.

  • Most of our programs can be rolled out in less than 30 days.

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