An Effective Financial Wellness Program with Real Human Engagement.

Trusted by over 60,000 Employees

Pricing as low as $400 per month.

The Challenge: The average employee costs their employer approximately $2,100 annually due to absenteeism and lost productivity*

Most financial wellness programs are passive in nature. Meaning, employees are simply given access to a library of financial content and some initial guidance on where to start. This works great initially, but most programs fizzle shortly after launch.

Edukate now combines our award-winning financial wellness program with a proven custom experience around employee financial benefits to ensure engagement and maximize usage. The results are much different when comparing Edukate’s program to more passive ones.

The Result: On average, our clients experience the following:




AVG Increase in Program Adoption

AVG Increase in Employee Engagement

AVG Increase in Other Financial Benefits Usage




AVG Increase in Financial Confidence

AVG Decrease in Financial Stress

AVG Increase in Confidence of Their Employee Benefits

“Edukate helped me gain the confidence to enroll in a retirement plan that I fully understood after just a few hours."

Nicholas Roberts

Manager, Code School

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Pricing as low as $400 per month for RPG Consultants.

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