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We are a one-stop benefits destination for employees, providing guidance for challenges they are currently facing, and connecting them with the employer benefits that matter to them most— all while cultivating a culture of positive wellness.

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Integrate With Other Financial Benefits and Services

Connect existing retirement accounts to your Edukate plan to give employees access to their plan documentation and contributions right from the dashboard. Paperless statements can also make communication about plan changes a breeze.

Centralize Employee Benefits

Employees easily engage with all of the benefits available to them from their employers and plans. Gone are the days of navigating confusing intranets and remembering multiple passwords.

Edukate's API

Create custom tools for your business with our API. Get the data and insights you need to best manage your team and help them succeed.

  • Edukate integrates with your current employer benefits provider.

  • Most of our programs can be rolled out in less than 30 days.

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